Huron Regional Airport

Huron Regional Airport

Welcome to the Airport

Huron Regional Airport (HON) is located on the north edge of the City of Huron, South Dakota. The airport has been in existence since its first recorded operation in 1917. The Airport has been completely updated over the last decade with new pavements and upgraded carrying capacities.

Parking at the terminal is always free, for long-term parking please use the back row of the lot. The terminal opens one and one-half hours before the morning flight and it is suggested that travelers arrive at least one hour prior to their scheduled flight time.

Huron Regional Airport Environmental Assessment

The Huron Regional Airport is getting ready for a project required by the FAA to extend our main runway to the Northwest in order to have the safety of our airfield improved. This requirement is a nationwide effort created when Congress decided that what was once allowed for the runway safety zones at the end of a runway is no longer acceptable. In preparation for this project, we have prepared an Environmental Assessment (EA) that will address all facets of this project. This Assessment covers relocating wetlands that exist on the airport and the actual runway construction itself. This EA is available for review and comment on this website as well as at the offices of the Airport Manager at 426 15th ST. NW, in the Skyways building, and at the offices of Pierce Harris Engineering located in the Masonic Building. This review period will be followed by a public hearing at a date and location yet to be announced.