Arts & Culture

Actors in a PlayThe community of Huron is rich with local talent and each year Huron welcomes various performers, bands, and cultural programs to entertain residents and visitors. Art exhibits, dance performances, and live music are frequently happening at the many venues listed below. Check our calendar for a complete list of current events.

The Huron Area Arts Council was organized in 1974 as a non-profit educational organization. Its purpose is to promote and encourage the development, appreciation, enjoyment and performance of the arts. Local artists represent music, dancing, painting, sculpture, photography, and other arts and activities. Meetings are conducted the second Tuesday of each month at 7 pm in the Fine Arts Center, 939 Ohio Avenue SW. 

Fine Arts Center / Huron Community Campus

Fine Arts Center / Huron Community Campus is located at 939 Ohio Avenue SW and has a theatre used by the Huron Arts Council, Huron Area Community Theatre, Huron Symphony Orchestra, and other groups for outstanding local productions. Call 605-353-8518 for further information or visit the Fine Arts Center website.

The Huron Area Community Theatre

The Huron Area Community Theatre is committed to providing quality live theater for Huron and surrounding communities, giving adults and families entertainment options to cultivate their interest in the arts. Our board of directors, casts, and crews are comprised of your neighbors, friends, family members, local businesses, and the friendly people of the Huron community. Come check out the Huron Community Theatre on Facebook, or visit our website for more information.

Huron Area Concert Association

The Huron Area Concert Association arranges professional performing arts groups from around the U.S. and abroad to perform in Huron. Local memberships purchased through the Huron Area Concert Association entitle a member to attend concerts in Pierre, Redfield, and Mitchell. For tickets call 605-353-4939 or 605-350-4118 (leave message), or email the Huron Area Concert Association. Visit the Huron Area Concert Association website for more information.

Huron Symphony Orchestra

Huron Symphony Orchestra is currently the only community-based symphony in South Dakota. Organized in 1956, the symphony showcases talent from Huron and surrounding communities. The season consists of four concerts; fall, Christmas, winter, and spring. For more information and concert dates, contact Board President Patricia Erickson at 605-352-9488. The conductor is Dr. Robert Vodnoy.

James Valley Christian Stewardship Dinner Theatre

James Valley Christian Stewardship Dinner Theatre For over twenty years, James Valley Christian School has produced the Stewardship Dinner Theater. Students and members of the community work together to prepare for this spring event. Some past productions include The Sound of Music, Pride and Prejudice, and Joseph. Performances are generally held in late March on the JVCS stage. For more information, contact the school at 605-352-7737.

Family Night in Campbell Park

Family Night in Campbell Park is held every Thursday from June to mid-August. Each summer hundreds of residents and visitors gather for an evening of free live entertainment. View our Calendar or for more information, please contact Lisa Wolf at 605-461-0288.

The Huron Municipal Band

The Huron Municipal Band is the oldest musical group in Huron. It has a long tradition of presenting free public concerts throughout the summer at Campbell Park as well as performing at many other events throughout the year. The band has a membership of about 30 performers ranging in age from 14 to 80 years. For more information please contact Beth Neitzert at 605-354-7713.

Huron Luxury Cinemas

Huron Luxury Cinemas is located in downtown Huron offering four state-of-the-art theatres in one! Several movies are featured daily with matinees on the weekends. Call 605-352-6666 for movie listings or visit the Huron Luxury Cinemas' complete listing of shows.