About HCC

The Huron Community Campus/Fine Arts Center, located at 939 Ohio Avenue SW, provides access to accredited post-grad courses through the use of classrooms, video conferencing, and the internet. The Fine Arts Center has a theatre used by the Huron Arts Council, Huron Area Community Theatre, Huron Symphony Orchestra, and other groups for outstanding local productions.

Huron Community campus teams with highly respected South Dakota colleges and universities to provide a comprehensive menu of courses and classes. The partnership offers educational options for students of all levels to invest in themselves in order to achieve professional and personal goals.

  • HCC provides access to accredited post-grad courses.
  • HCC has a broad spectrum of class offerings for life-long learning.
  • HCC has strong cooperation with local businesses for work force development, placement, and retention.
  • HCC offers a conducive environment for learning where everyone can be involved and engaged.


Classes will be held in the Huron Community Campus / Fine Arts Center and the Campus Center located at 939 Ohio Avenue SW in Huron. The facility has six classrooms, one video conference classroom, and an auditorium. Classes will be held through a combination of face-to-face, video conference, and internet instruction.


The costs for each of our programs are set by our partner schools and their governing bodies. Because Huron Community Campus has so many ways to assist students with their education, we wish to remind students that the costs listed for each program are often not the amount that students end up paying with their personal funds. We ask each person interested in attending Huron Community Campus to contact us at 605-353-8518 or email us for additional information about costs.

Northern State University

Undergraduate program costs are $40 per credit hour due to an agreement between the South Dakota Board of Regents, Northern State University, and Huron University Foundation. Students are also charged a $20 per credit hour fee. Total tuition and fees for undergraduate programs offered through Northern State University come to $60 per credit hour.

South Dakota Board of Regents Online Classes

Undergraduate online program costs are $351.25 per credit hour.